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Vitamins for Pregnancy - Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal

Vitamins for Pregnancy - Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal

Product Features
Size: 180 Vegetarian Capsules
Supports the immune system of your unborn child
Supports the immune system of mom and her newborn baby
Supports healthy digestion and elimination with probiotics, ginger, vitamin d, and zinc
Helps ease common digestive discomforts typically associated with pregnancy
Supports heart and blood health with iron, vitamins C, E, and B-complex, plus folate

Product Description
Size: 180 Vegetarian Capsules
As a pregnant woman, you want only the best for your unborn baby-and so does garden of life. Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women during pre-conception, pregnancy and lactation, vitamin code raw prenatal is raw, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free.

5-Star Customer Review
"I have done SOOOO much research on prenatal vitamins, and this is the one I keep coming back to! It is perfect, the nutrients are bioavailable(readily absorbed by the body), it does not contain dangerous ingredients, and contains lots of healthy ORGANIC fruit and veggie juices, sprouted grains, etc.
My midwife was thrilled to hear that I was taking these, and she highly recommends them after doing lots of research herself.
I love that it contains probiotics which are so good for you and baby. 3 pills a day means that the nutrients are better absorbed because you are not taking them all at once(although if I forget to take them during the day I will take them all at night and have not had any probs, but I prefer spacing them out).
And, these did not give me morning sickness(or worsen what I was already feeling) like other brands I have taken.
These are a little low in calcium, magnesium and vitamin k which you can easily get from a healthy diet. This vitamin does not contain phosphorus which is also easy to get from a truely good diet.
I recommend raw goats milk for the phosphorus and calcium(it does have a little magnesium too. It is higher in all of these minerals than raw cows milk. Pasturized milk contains no phosphorus and its other nutrients are depleted because of the heat treatment, and they are not as easily absorbed. It also loses its beneficial enzymes), and raw sprouted sunflower seeds for calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus(dont eat raw nuts/seeds that are not sprouted due to the high amounts of phytic acid that block the absorbation of minerals). Both of these foods are also high in protein which is very important during pregnancy. You need A LOT of protein while pregnant! My midwife has me drink organic alfalfa tea for vit k, and raw cows milk might be better in the 3rd trimester due to its higher vitamin K content(so you wont bleed much after delivery). Also for more minerals I recommend making your own broths from free range animals (organic if possible). Here is a great link for more info, and its so easy! [...] It is especially important to consume lots of minerals if this is not your first child because pregnancy and breastfeeding deplete the mothers body of vitmains and especially minerals that it stores, so its best to be doing these things before conception.
I also recommend a DHA supplement for pre-conception, pregnancy and lactation. I recommend fermented cod liver oil, and its best if paired with high-vitamin butter oil. Both these supplements help the body absorb and utilize minerals and can help the body rebuild tissue, bones and teeth, and they contain many beneficial enzymes including CoQ. Green Pasture is the brand.
Pregnant women, I recommend the video The Business of Being Born on Youtube(free to watch. Or buy on Amazon), as well as the book Ina May's Guide to Childbirth! CONGRATS!"

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