Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vitamins for Pregnancy - Bellybar (Nutrabella) Prenatal Vitamin

Vitamins for Pregnancy - Bellybar (Nutrabella) Prenatal Vitamin

Product Features
Size: 60
Daily prenatal vitamin supplement with 200% Vitamin D
Supports healthy fetal development, full-term pregnancy and healthy nursing
Supports bone health for mom and baby
One month supply per bottle

Product Description
Size: 60
Whether you are trying, pregnant or have a new baby, good nutrition is doubly important right now, so we’ve made it simple with our delicious, mom and ob-endorsed vitamins and snacks. start your day with our great- tasting bellybar prenatal chewable vitamins. just two tasty wafers give you the vitamins and minerals you and your baby need! then grab a bellybar boost for a healthy, tasty snack when hunger hits – plus it’s packed with additional important vitamins and minerals, such as choline, vitamin d and iodine. our products nourish you and your baby with important prenatal nutrients that you both need. it's good for you, times two!

5-Star Customer Review
"OMG this is my fav pre-natal find! I have always had problems swallowing pills. I'm now on my third pregnancy and I would have paid ANYTHING to have these for my first two. They taste like candy and are so convenient, just pop in and chew. Would highly recomend!"

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Vitamins for Pregnancy - Bellybar (Nutrabella) Prenatal Vitamin

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