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Vitamins for Pregnancy - New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Trimester

Vitamins for Pregnancy - New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Trimester

Product Features
Size: 270
270 Tablets
Serving Size: 3 tablets
90 Servings Per Container
Suitable for Vegetarians
Gluten Free

Product Description
Size: 270
Healthy Pregnancy ? Fetal Development* Perfect Prenatal whole-food multivitamin, including targeted levels of whole-food folate, is formulated specifically to nourish mother and baby. Most people would agree that taking a daily multivitamin is a good idea - it's often referred to as an "insurance policy" for covering nutritional gaps left by a less than optimal diet. New Chapter® believes a daily multi can be much more than a nutrient backstop. In fact, we believe our Organic, Whole-Food Multi's can serve as the foundation of your complete nutrition program - with multiple benefits in support of your overall health and wellness.

5-Star Customer Review
"Hi! Here's my story.

In 2010 I got pregnant for the first time. I talked to a dear friend of mine who told me that she had done a ton of research and all prenatal vitamins were NOT created equal. She said that by far, she felt that these New Chapter Perfect Prenatal vitamins were the best ones out there.

Now I'm going to backtrack for a second. For the year PRIOR to getting pregnant I was constantly getting sick (even though I took vitamins everyday including a good woman's daily), etc. If there was someone walking down the street two miles from me with a cold or flu virus, I would catch it. It was so bad that I had friends and family telling me that I needed to go to the doctor to find out why I would get sick so incredibly easy. But truth be told, I had always considered my immune system to not be the greatest and had always picked up illness somewhat easily...even before that year when it had gotten particularly bad. I used to joke (although it's not really funny) that if I were born in "the olden days" I would have never made it out of childhood because I would have caught SOMETHING that would have easily done me in early because of how bad my immune system was!

Back to present day! I went on these vitamins for my pregnancy in 2010 and instantly felt wonderful. Unfortunately, my pregnancy didn't last -- the baby had a chromosomal abnormality and I lost it between 8-9 weeks. I had a few girlfriends, however, recommend to me that I stay on prenatals even after losing the pregnancy while we got ready to try again for another baby, which I did and I continued to feel great. But an extra benefit which I totally attribute to these vitamins is, that from the moment I went on them, I stopped getting sick all the time.

6 months later I was lucky enough to get a second chance, and conceived again. This pregnancy has gone amazingly well. I am getting ready to enter my 8th month and every step of the way the doctor has mentioned how strong and healthy our baby girl is. Many times he has said things like "Wow - you really only see that in super healthy and well developing fetuses." I am 41 years old and this will be my first baby. I am CONVINCED that being on these vitamins during and prior to this 2nd pregnancy has contributed to how healthy the baby is. Not only that, but it has now been over a year and a half since I have gotten sick. Right now, my husband is ill -- coughing and hacking and sneezing all over the place and I am feeling just fine. I'm immune! And that is something that just wouldn't have been possible a couple of years ago.

These prenatals do not upset your stomach. You can even smell the fruits and vegetables in them, so you know all the good stuff they say that they are made of are actually in there. Yes, they can be on the pricey side but I feel that the benefits they have provided me are WELL worth it (and the discounted price of them here on Amazon has helped). The only slightly annoying thing for me is that you need to take 3 of them a day...but if you carry some around with you and just remember to whip one out and have it with breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can get into the habit of taking them on schedule very easily.

At my OBGYN appt. last week I asked the doctor if after this pregnancy I could stay on these prenatals indefinitely because I love them so much. He said that they were a great vitamin and I could absolutely do so...after menopause they might contain too much iron but until then I should feel free. I was so happy to hear him say that! I can look forward to continuing to feel good and experiencing much less illness for a long time to come! And hopefully, to having maybe one more super healthy baby (if we end up being so blessed). :)"

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Vitamins for Pregnancy - New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Trimester

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